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mumbai, india

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550 sqft

status _

completed (2021)

The Souled Store (TSS) has thrived in their online presence over the years, and in more recent years started expanding into the offline retail market. beyonddesign was chosen as TSS’s design partners to create their space identity and retail presence with a clear objective of building a set of high-spirited, playful stores that could drive TSS’s message home. This store in Palladium mall in Mumbai was TSS’s first professionally designed retail store.

The space language of the stores, has been derived from TSS’s existing branding that consists of a bright red logo featuring a ghost-like form called ‘Mr. Soul’. The brand colour and brand ambassador, make recurring appearances in the various elements designed for the store and create a language of association between the two. The red shopfront creates a characteristic familiarity with the brand and interest for new customers. Spatially, the store is conceived as a free-flowing and welcoming space that allows for easy navigation and in-store experience. Conceptually, the flow is created by Mr. Soul, moving through the space and leaving behind his footprint. Formally, this can be seen in the flooring of the store, comprising of 2 materials separated by curved lines that additionally help to divide the store into a series of functions. The transition of colours and materials creates a subconscious path of navigation and is complimented by a set of eye-catching neons.

The walls of the store has been designed as demountable modular panels that allow for various possible display configurations. The panels are custom designed with a set of equally spaced holes into which the rod-shelf system can be introduced. The system is engineered for easy operation and can be removed and changed as required, allowing for a playfulness in the way the products are displayed within the store.
The entrance display of the store creates an immersive moment for the brand with its playful display structures drowned in a sea of red, that can be moved and reconfigured. They also allow the users to get a 360 degree experience of the display and generate interaction with the customers.

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