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bengaluru, india

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2,80,000 sqft

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OLA Campus is the headquarters of India's largest mobility platform and electric vehicles manufacturer, serving 250+ cities across India, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK . The campus consists of 8 storeys of corporate work space for the various businesses run by OLA, located in central Bengaluru. The campus has been zoned to accommodate a dedicated floor for each of the businesses, along with shared spaces that create overlap between employees from the various different arms of the company . The shared spaces such as the amphitheatre style stairs, presentation spaces and library are also used for hosting events, product launches and other informal activities as they allow a large number of employees to gather, brainstorm and positively contribute to the energy within the campus.

The L-shaped floor plate of the office consists of a central elevator and stair core, wrapped with informal spaces at each of the levels. While the remaining space is a combination of open office with workstations, meeting rooms and smaller, more personal break out areas, the spaces around the core allow for informal meetings, discussions, coffee breaks and much more. The office is tailored to a collaborative work environment that encourages exchange and vibrancy.

Ola’s brand presence and archetype was carefully studied and knit into the architectural manifestation of the space in the process of designing of their new campus. The spaces project their role as market leaders in technology and innovation and are therefore bold and futuristic in the way they present themselves. These attributes are balanced with a warm and varied set of materials and textures to break monotony, create identifiers and a liveliness within the campus. One or more ‘special’ areas of collective and informal use are intertwined into each of the floors to decentralise and maintain a non-hierarchical arrangement of spaces, reinforcing the culture and values of the company.

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