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Concrete has historically been used as a construction material in some form since the time of the ancient Egyptians and Romans. Today, concrete is one of the most widely used building materials in the world, and it is used in a wide range of applications, from small residential projects to large-scale infrastructure projects such as bridges and dams.

While the strength and durability of concrete is required in some cases such as infrastructure projects, the negative impact of the embodied carbon in concrete can be reduced by limiting the overall volume of concrete used in projects. Concrete panels for external applications can significantly increase the lifecycle of a building and reduce the maintenance requirements post completion. Using concrete façade panels in projects retains the aesthetic value of concrete without the negative environmental impact.

beyonddesign has partnered with Heyconcrete to provide versatility and novelty in the design and application of ultra high strength concrete panels with a wide range of highly sophisticated designs weaved into history and modern construction technology. The panels are suitable to use in internal and external applications and can be purchased through our manufacturing partners on

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