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Museum of Modern Art: Mathaf

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Cerussite is part of the sculptural piece ‘Alive with Cerussite and the Peppered Moth’ and is inspired by the formation of the homonymous crystal. The emerging forms display orderly intricacy. Light is refracted through the crystal formation differently, from opaque to translucent, depending on the density of the elements. These qualities, namely the complex order and variations in translucency, give rise to the pavilion.

Rising from a timber base, the robotically 3d printed building blocks made of recycled plastic, form a ‘crystaline’ growth, creating a large-scale spatial assembly. This assembly is used as a 3d ‘deep screen’ on which the story of the industrial history of Manchester is projected through the peppered moth.

Cerussite was originally conceived in collaboration with Raqs Media Collective and Efstratios Georgiou, as a part of the work ‘Alive’ at Raqs Media Collective’s solo exhibition, ‘Twilight Language’ at The Whitworth Gallery in September 2017. Since it has been exhibited in new space-adaptive forms in Palais de Tokyo, Paris and Museum of Modern Art: Mathaf, Doha.

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