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ambernath, india

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40,000 sqft

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beyond design architects have designed CEAT Specialty’s very first, world class R&D facility & offices associated with the phase 3 and 4 expansion of their manufacturing facility in Ambernath, India.

The masterplan comprises of 4 buildings, with the R&D Experience Centre as the iconic gateway building, situated at the entrance of the premises and representative of the values and aspirations promoted by RPG group in the industry.

The building associates itself with an aspirational sustainability agenda, adopting passive measures of environmental control, use of modular and prefabricated materials and recycle/re-use strategies as part of the design values.

The building is between 22 and 24 meters wide and 74 meters in length and consists of laboratories, testing centres and office space along with ancillary functions, spread across 3 storeys of the building.

This building will become the front face of CEAT Specialty’s local and foreign delegations & will have an outlook over all parts of the manufacturing facility due to its central position. The building will be home to about 150 of the company’s top management and staff on a daily basis, and fuel innovation in the field of tyre manufacturing.

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